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  Company Profile  


Aziz Ibrahim Financial Consultant (AIFC) is an independent financial solutions provider, committed to its aim of providing comprehensive financial services to the public.

Through re-engineering of financial instruments and creation of cash management programs, our solutions are individually tailored for our clients to suit their financial needs and also enhance the market captivity of our partners` markets.

In achieving it goal, AIFC's  strategy is three pronged in nature:

To develop financial programs and source financial products which can serve to improve the financial health of the customer . The first of which is the Mortgage Plan Scheme, which is a cash management system which converts your mortgage paying Ringgits to saving Ringgits.

To professionalize the financial agency force, through the provision of ongoing professional development and in the near future to develop online infrastructure to assist in all stages of the sales cycle.

To heighten the level of customer relationship service to ensure a satisfied customer, with the quick and reliable feedback and in the near future the use of information technology {IT}. 

AIFC’s strength lies in its ability to comprehend and meet the financial needs of today’s consumer in an age where simply buying financial products in isolation is no longer effective. AIFC’s capability will further enhanced by numerous strategic alliances with other financial industries.