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AIFC's Mortgage Plan



Mortgage Plan 

Your mortgage is probably the single largest commitment you will undertake in your lifetime and yet you have very little control over how it is structured. In many cases, paying off the mortgage comes at the cost of not being able to adequately save for future urgent needs such as retirement planning, children’s education and life’s other necessities.

With traditional mortgages, you stand to lose 80-85% of your repayment towards interest. By the time you finish paying-off the mortgage you would have paid up 3 times the amount you borrowed. The house/property that you live in/own may well be a liability for as long as it doesn’t create an income to you.

You have worked hard all these years to service your mortgages repayments. Now you can get your mortgages to work for you instead!

With the Mortgages Plan Scheme, you can!

  • Fixed Interest Rates.

  • Determine how much you want to pay each month.

  • Reduce your loan tenure or monthly mortgage repayments or received cash dividends from dollar to dollar base certificate of deposit.

  • Integrated Insurance Coverage.

  • Integrated Savings Plan by turning your mortgage repayment dollar to saving dollar.